Interview questions and selecting candidates


For this assignment, you have 5 people who have submitted an interest in the job that you are working on.

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Interview questions and selecting candidates
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  1. Develop a form that you will use to rate these applicants for a  possible interview. Make columns on the form, and either place a check  mark or a note in the form so you know how to compare the candidates.  You could use a rating number system, but you need to determine what is  needed. Use categories such as education, work experience, HIM  experience, reference checks, recommendation letters, computer  experience, customer service experience, etc. A brief bio of the 5  candidates will be listed below.
  1. Next, develop 5 interview questions that you will be asking the candidates when you interview them.

The following 5 people have applied for your open position. Select  which candidates you will be inviting in for an interview. Give your  reason why you want to interview them, and what you feel they will bring  into your department:  

 image1 Sarah has submitted  an application, resume and a cover letter. Sarah is currently working  in a day care setting and has a degree in early childhood development.  She states in her letter she wants to change careers and noticed the ad  in the newspaper, so she is submitting her application at this time. She  has heard that the hospital has good benefits which is important to her  as she will be having her own baby in about 6 months. She also went on  to state she will be getting married soon, so she will not be available  for an interview for about a month.   image2 Cassie has  submitted an application, resume, cover letter and recommendation  letters. Cassie has a two year Medical Administration degree from a  community college and is working as a coder in a private ear, nose and  throat clinic about 200 miles away. Cassie has a family that lives in  the area and is interested in moving back home. She enjoys her job, but  for a long-term goal is interested in receiving more education, so she  would be able to become an RHIT. This job sounds like a good stepping  stone for her, and she’s anxious to learn more about it. Cassie’s  recommendation letters give her a glowing report of her work ethic, her  ability to work as a team player and her desire to learn. She is  available for an interview at any time and would be able to start work  as soon as she gives a two week notice for her job.    
image3 Elizabeth already  works in the hospital in the Housekeeping department. She has been  employed for 3 years and has worked her way up to be a Lead Housekeeper.  She loves the hospital environment and has proven to be a hard worker,  according to her supervisor who sent in a referral for Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is getting older, and wants a job where she does not have as  much time to spend on her feet every day. She has a grown family, so  family issues will not interfere with her schedule. She speaks both  Hispanic and English and has been used as an interpreter when needed in  the Registration Department. In May, 2014 Elizabeth was honored with the  Employee of the Quarter for the hospital. She was recognized for her  work habits, ability to get along with others, and her willingness to  assist as a language interpreter.   image4 Franklin has  submitted an application, resume, cover letter and recommendation  letter. Franklin has spent much of his career as an HIM Director in  another community. In his letter he stated that because of a hospital  merger, he finds himself looking for work. He has a proven record of  leadership and holds the RHIA credential. At this time, Franklin would  like to move away from the leadership role and become more involved in  the tasks of everyday working. He states that he would be a good  employee and not overstep another director’s managing of a department.  He likes healthcare, wants a job that he does not have to bring home  with him at night and is ready to make a contribution in whatever he can  do for an organization. He is ready to come in for an interview at any  time.   image5 Becky submitted an  application, resume, and cover letter. Becky is currently not working as  she was paralyzed in a car accident which puts her in a wheelchair.  Previous to her accident, she worked in both retail and the restaurant  business. Becky states in her cover letter that she will be taking  college classes soon, but at this point in her life, needs to get a job  and feel like she is making a contribution again to life and her family.  She states that she recognizes that hiring someone with a disability  may be a problem, but she does not see herself as disabled and can  assist with any reasonable accommodations that need to be done. Becky’s  skills include that she is a fast learner and has been able to teach  herself Microsoft Office on the computer. She is available at any time  for an interview.


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