Introduction to the nonprofit sector

Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit, For-Profit, and Public Organizations

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Introduction to the nonprofit sector
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1-2 Pages APA Format, using the Pdf & Media Materials in the Referecences


To prepare for this Discussion:

Review Chapter 1 in The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management (access the PDF file in this week’s Learning Resources), focusing on the distinctions between nonprofit, for-profit, and public organizations.

Review this week’s DVD program, “History and Overview,” focusing on the characteristics of nonprofit organizations and how they respond both to historical events and social needs.

Think about and consider the similarities and differences between The Boys Club of America ( Non-Profit), Toys ‘R’ Us (For Profit)and in their missions.

Compare the organizations, considering their similarities and differences in areas beyond just their missions.

With these thoughts in mind:

Due Wednesday 3/4/15 By 9pm New York Time write a brief description of the The Boys Scout of America and Toys ‘R’ Us, including the chief function of each. Be sure to identify the type of organization you chose in your comparison with the NPO. Then, compare the two organizations, noting their similarities and differences.


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