Ism3004 chapter 6 discussion | Information Systems homework help

Discuss management issues associated with databases like information policies, data administration, data governance, and data quality?

Post a reply to this discussion topic. In your reply, please include the following: your opinion, example and comments  to other students

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Ism3004 chapter 6 discussion | Information Systems homework help
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Once you post you will be able to see the submissions from other students. Take a look at a few other students submissions. 

Once you have posted and reviewed a few other submissions post a reply to at least one other students post. 

This excellent posting reflected that the student read and understood the assigned material, referring specifically to assigned reading or related research.

The post meets the word requirement of 150 to 350 words and there are no proofing or spelling errors.

Replies are substantive and reflect that the student read and thought about the assigned reading and additional sources posted by the person they are replying to.


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