It 597 med dev | Computer Science homework help


The latest ransomware attack in on the Kaseya software. They say it is only on their VSA software. What does this software do, and how may it be used by a hospital? Are any hospitals being reported as having been attacked?

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It 597 med dev | Computer Science homework help
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Investigate this large ransomware attack and what impact it could have on the hospital if it was attacked.



Cybersecurity is the responsibility of all workers at the hospital. Your CEO has asked you to develop an easy-to-read form, available online, that anyone can complete if they think there is something “unusual” happening on their computer or the network.

The form should provide some information on the person reporting the incident, what type of unusual activity they witnessed,  what equipment, where it was located, and then a checklist of breaches that they could identify (e.g., phishing, insider wrongdoing, medical device sudden failure, etc. There should be at lest 15 breach descriptions listed, specific to the hospital environment. 

Avoid very technical terms.

Design the form itself and provide a filled-in form to be used as an example.


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