It decision paper | Information Systems homework help

I have attacted the Instructions and RUBRIC you will be using for this paper. Please make sure you follow all instructions on the PDF instruction paper. I have also highlighted some important segment on the instruction paper so as to understand what to do. All attahcments required for this paper, have been attached below. As stated in the paper, you are to use those attached readings to write the paper and three additional outside sources. Have in mind, this is a MEMO. Also I have added a SAMPLE PAPER, you can open it so as to undertstand the format of this paper. It is also the continuation of the Strategic plan 1 and 2 which means you will require to use the attached Sp 1 and SP 2 paper to create this IT decision paper. At least 7 pages. I REPEAT PLEASE FOLLOW THE RUBRIC AND ALL INSTRUCTIONS MUST BE MET!. Also, no plagiarism. It will be scanned with turn it in. All APA Citations must be cited perfectly. Thank you


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It decision paper | Information Systems homework help
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PLEASE USE THE ATTCHED HINT TO UPDATE THE ANSWER, THANK YOU. ALSO PLEASE make sure all criterias is met step by step in the RUBRIC. Thank you


Due JULY 1st




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