it499 unit: 3 | Information Systems homework help

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it499 unit: 3 | Information Systems homework help
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Assignment Instructions:

The Project Charter is the most important documentation for the course. This document will provide the 

foundation for the entire project. This will be used to evaluate the success of your Final Project and 

presentation. Your professor will use this document to assess whether the project objectives have been 

completed in the Final Project. You will identify the project objectives, assumptions, scope, milestones, 

deliverables, impact statement, roles and how success will be measured. It is substantial documentation and 

will require a time investment. Do not rush through the file. There are ample resources available online for 

completing a Project Charter. Please be sure to conduct the necessary research to complete quality 


Project Requirements: 

Complete the Project Charter and address the following:

1. Project Objectives: Focus on how business needs are being solved. How do the objectives support 

the business strategies? 

Note: For Web projects in particular, this does not address interface designs or any design details at this point. 

The Project Charter does not include any visual design aspects in terms of color palettes, fonts, or images 

being used.

2. Assumptions: These will address circumstances and outcomes which can be taken for granted. You 

will not have all concrete information to begin the project, but you can make some assumptions. 

Examples may include vendor reliability and availability of resources. 

3. Project Scope: Address the deliverables of the project. Options may include system upgrades, help 

files, documentation, full source code, training and support. Also establish some boundaries. For 

example, if you are developing a network, how many offices will it entail?


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