Itc4760 course project – unit v assignment

This is a 7 Unit Course project that will utilize each week into 1 final project. prefer the same Tutor complete each assignment. MEANING THAT WHOEVER COMPLETES UNIT I ASSIGNMENT, WOULD NEED TO COMPLETE EACH OF THE UNIT ASSIGNMENTS USING THE PREVIOUS UNIT’S WORK.

IT Work and Scope: Submit a Word document of the IT Work and Scope. Use APA formatting. (Refer to the IT Project Plan, found in the Project Overview section, as a guide.) You will also use information from this and previous chapters in the textbook, as well as outside sources. The Work and Scope should include the following information:
• Major work packages: summarize main work packages, and create a WBS that defines the total scope of your IT project.
• Key deliverables: key products produced and quality expectations.
• Other work-related information: related to the work performed. For example, specific hardware or software to use, or certain specifications and major assumptions in defining the work.

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Itc4760 course project – unit v assignment
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