Jack wilson, safety director for vitacom, inc. is facing a dilemma.

Jack Wilson, safety director for Vitacom, Inc. is facing a dilemma. His employer is seeking registration as an ISO 14000 company. Internal assessments and trial audits show that the company isready and will probably pass the registration audit with flying colors. If so, Vitacom will be able todouble its business in just two years. A European company is looking for a partner in the UnitedStates. Vitacom wants to be that partner, but ISO 14000 registration is a prerequisite.Vitacom looks good on paper, but Wilson knows of a least two serious environmental problemsthat the company is covering up rather than correcting. Vitacom’s Environmental ManagementPlan, required by ISO 14000, shows that the environmental problems have been corrected. Theyhaven’t. Worse yet, Wilson has been warned to say or do nothing that may jeopardize Vitacom’sISO 14000 registration. On the other hand, if the environmental problems in question are notcorrected soon, the community’s water supply could be contaminated in the future. What shouldWilson do? 

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Jack wilson, safety director for vitacom, inc. is facing a dilemma.
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