Java programming (requirements important) | Computer Science homework help

 Assignment 3 – Database and MultithreadingValue: 25%

Due date: 29-Sep-2017

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Java programming (requirements important) | Computer Science homework help
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In this assignment you are required to write three programs. The first program will allow a user to connect to a database to insert, retrieve and update records. The second program uses the same database to summarise information in a pie chart. In program 3, you will animate a bouncing ball using a thread. The following sections describe these programs in detail.
Task 1: Java Database Program 1 (50 marks)

For this program, you are to write a Java GUI-based program that allows the user to view, insert and update information within a database. Your database will contain only one table, called Staff, with the following fields: An ID (the primary key), last name, first name, middle initial (MI), address, city, state (ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC,  WA), and a telephone number. 

Your program should allow the user to view a staff record with a specified ID, to insert a new record into the table, to update any field (except the ID) of an existing staff member record, and to clear all fields from the display. Your GUI design should be similar to the image below. In addition, make sure you include the following features:

  • Display an appropriate message indicating the success or failure of the View/Insert/Update operations. For example, “Record found/record not found” when the user selects View, “Record Inserted/failed to insert” when the user selects Insert, and “Record updated/failed to update” when the user selects Update.
  • When no record is displayed (e.g., when the program first starts), or when the user selects Clear, display a message inviting the user to view or insert a new record.
  • When inserting a new record, the ID field should be generated automatically so that it is unique for the table.
  • The ID field should only be editable when the user chooses to search for a new record to View. IDs returned from the database through the View operation, or generated as part of the Insert operation, should not be editable.
  • When Inserting or Updating a record, ensure all fields (e.g., Last name, first name, etc.) are not left blank, and that the telephone number contains only digits. Ensure the state is valid.  

Task 1 is based on Exercise 32.1 from the textbook.

Task 2: Data Visualisation (25 marks)

Using the same database as in program 1 above, write a Java GUI application that connects to the database and displays a pie chart representation for the percentage of staff in the Stafftable that reside in each state. Your display should look similar to the image below. Only display output for the states where staff reside. In addition to the pie chart graphic, make sure you report the written percentage for each state in a legend that appears at the bottom of the window.


Task 3: Bouncing Ball Animation (25 marks)

The program described in listing 15.17 of your textbook displays a bouncing ball, as shown below: 


Modify this program so that

  • it has a label which displays the current speed of the ball
  • users can increase and decrease the speed of the ball by using an up or down arrow key
  • it uses a thread to animate the bouncing ball movements


What to submit:

  • Java source code
  • A brief document (in Word or pdf format) describing how your program works and any assumptions you have made in writing the code. You should also include UML class diagrams for all programs in this document.
  • A document showing the correct usage and output of your programs using screen dumps

Compress all files above into a single .zip file for submission.


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