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Request For Proposal (RFP) For Website

For Assignment 2, you are going to write a Request for Proposal (RFP) for your new website. The website creation itself is Assignment 3 and you are going to create the website – but don’t concern yourself with that just yet. At this point you are only going to be concerned with what you want a web development company to estimate for you; i.e., what you want delivered on your website. (Then, in Assignment 3, you are going to create the site, delivering what you are asking the web development company to do).

If you need some help in designing an RFP, you can Google “How to create an RFP for a website”. This is partially a research project – so research!   Here are some links that will also help:

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Jim claire only | Information Systems homework help
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“[The RFP] document should be heavy on goals and vision – what do you want your site to do? What’s the reason for putting up a Web site for your company at all? It need not be a whole lot more than the project vision thing and something like:

[Your company name] seeks a company to help build a World Wide Web site to perform the following functions:”

[Here is where you must decide what you would like your website to do. Tell the companies your goal for your e-commerce site, color schemes if relevant, types of transactions that can take place, etc. Identify the pages (i.e., a home page), how many web pages it should link to (identify at least 4), how the pages should navigate (what leads to what), basic page design (aesthetics), what you want on each of the pages, and so on.]

[Discuss too your expectations of their hosting your site, service level agreements, privacy policies, and other common website standards.


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