Job description | Business & Finance homework help

This is the beginning of a progressive assignment where you will be creating a job description/specification for a job of your own choosing.  This assignment will then be used to complete the remaining three writing assignments; namely, a recruiting ad, a selection plan, and a training program respectively.  You can select a job you are familiar with or you can select a job that you aspire to obtain.  Please be aware that you should select a job that has enough content to perform the other assignments.

The Job Description Writing Assignment Instructions provide information as to how to proceed and provides you with websites to gather the information. The Onet site provides extensive information for you to build your job description.  I have included a sample job description to assist with formatting.  

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Job description | Business & Finance homework help
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Be aware that there is a Part II question with respect to how HR uses the different components of the description/specification to perform their HR Functions of recruiting, selecting, training, appraising and compensating.

Below I included a more in depth rundown of what is needed for this paper. I also included another file which gives an example of how it should be set up. 


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