Job salary | Business & Finance homework help

Homework #4 – Salary

Due Date: Midnight on Monday, February 10th    

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Job salary | Business & Finance homework help
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  1. Identify your ideal first job after graduation (be realistic).
  2. Provide a profile of your ideal position.
  3. List the required qualifications needed for the position in terms of skills or education employers are looking for.
  4. List any preferred qualifications, if any.
  5. List the starting salary or salary range for entry level positions.
  6. Outline the projected outlook for this career?


Here are a few of the multitude of online resources that you can utilize to find this information. There are numerous other sources that can be helpful as you complete this assignment.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics ( (links available to a Salary Wizard and Career advice)


P.S My major is management 

Submit via Moodle in Word (.doc or .docx) format ONLY. Any other format, or a file that cannot be opened will not be awarded credit. Double check the accessibility before submission.

Name file as follows: FirstName.LastName.HW4.Salary.doc


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