Journal: part 2 making professional connections through social media

Journal: Part 1 Professional Goals, Social Change

As you read about the achievements and challenges of the historical figure(s) you examined in this module, were you able to see yourself more clearly as an agent of social change as a public health or health education professional? In this journal entry, you record your thoughts about the history of public health and health education and about those individuals who had the greatest impact on social change and attitudes related to health.

Note: Part 1 and Part 2 of this Journal Assignment will be graded using this rubric: Document: Two Part Journal Assignments Rubric (Word document)

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Journal: part 2 making professional connections through social media
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To Prepare: Review the information on agents of social change (the historical figures) provided in the Learning Resources for this module. Consider how the Learning Resources in this module helped you think more about your professional goals and the evolution of the concept of health and health systems.

To Complete: Briefly explain your thoughts about how one or more historical achievements you learned about may relate to you personally.


It will be conducive to your professional career to begin making professional connections and forming a network of colleagues. In addition, to be successful in this field, you will want to join professional organizations and stay abreast of current research in your intended field in the health professions. Think about the professional journals and organizations that will be useful to you as a student and as a current or future public health or health education professional. Consider also the people with which you may want to network and the options that you have for connecting with them (such as LinkedIn).

To Prepare: Choose a current and professional organization, institution, or renowned scholarly figure that/who is related to your professional goals and follow them on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). Be sure to choose a type of social media that will allow you to receive frequent communications and updates from the person, organization, or institution.

To Complete: Provide a brief description of which organization, institution, or scholarly figure you have decided to follow and explain why.


Submit by Day 14bothPart 1 and Part 2 Journal entrie


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