Jrotc – personal essay | English homework help

“JROTC instruction is unique in that it includes student involvement in both the teaching and learning of the curriculum.  How has your involvement in JROTC teaching and learning helped you prepare for future college and career challenges?”

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Jrotc – personal essay | English homework help
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It was the Summer of my Sophomore year when I decided that I wanted to branch out into something different, to where I knew I could obtain valuable leadership skills and attended Basic Leadership Training. As I stepped foot on the campsite, a wave of different emotions hit me, I wasn’t sure if this is something I wanted to pursue. I freaked out and started to doubt whether I was going to be able to get through it, but instead of letting my self-doubt hold me captive, I believed in myself, my capabilities, and my potential and gave in my fullest in everything I did.  It was the morning of our second day at Basic Leadership camp and it was time for PT.  It seemed as if we were all too terrified to even face it. Halfway through the PT session, I started feeling sick, but I directed my mindset to I could, and I did. An unfortunate situation unfolded, and I decided to take the initiative and help my cadre. Later that night in the Chow Hall, Lt Aponte approached me and offered me the position as a Platoon Inspector, so I accepted it and embraced this opportunity that came forth. As a Platoon inspector I learned how to lead, and by example, teach others as well. I took everything I had obtained and took it back to my home unit where I then used my experience at BLT to set out to make a difference and get my team to do the greatest things. It has been quite rough journey but here I am as the current Chief Staff Officer of my battalion. 

The JROTC program has given me a sense of home, a greater sense of family, and unity. With the support of my team and instructors I was able to open my eyes to what I could be and what I could do in ways that I never thought were possible. It has taught me that strength doesn’t come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decided not to surrender, that’s what you call strength.   


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