Jython programming 2 | Information Systems homework help

 Using Jython v5.2

Given a folder with images in it, create an HTML page named index.html that contains links to each JPEG file in the directory as follows:

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Jython programming 2 | Information Systems homework help
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  • Write a function that creates a string of the path to a directory
  • Generatea thumbnail (half the size) copy of each image
  • Use makeEmptyPicture to create a blank picture in the correct size, then scale down the original picture into the blank picture
  • Name the new image “half-” + the original filename (e.g., if the original filename was fred.jpg, save the half-size image as half-fred.jpg). The anchor in the link to each full-size picture should be the half-size image.

Capture a screenshot of your code and output. Paste the screenshot into a Word document.


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