L & r_week_17 | Information Systems homework help

Weekly Reflection Question (answer in the box below): Where did you encounter struggles this week at work and what did you do to address them? Provide one example that includes the challenge, the affected stakeholders, your actions, and the response. Explain what worked and what didn’t? What would you do differently next time and why?

Feedbacks received from professor:

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L & r_week_17 | Information Systems homework help
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  1. As you develop your reflection you are moving in the right direction — but delve deeper.  How are you going to be better prepared moving forward?  Are you going to create a schedule?  How will you know when to update?  Are other computers/systems at risk? If so, what is your plan?
  2. Be sure to answer all aspects of the weekly reflection. Your goal is to be specific with your analysis and plan for moving forward.


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