Lab connection | Information Systems homework help

Do all lab exercises for chapters 1 – 11 except chapter 7. The scores will be imported from lab connection into canvas by the instructor.

To access lab connection

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Lab connection | Information Systems homework help
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  • First register your book at
  • Login into cengage and access companion resources
  • Click on the lab connection link.
  • You will be required to have the 10 character lab connection serial number in order to get into lab connection
  • When you purchase the class text book and lab connection bundle, you get two access cards. One is for practice exercises and the other one is for class exercises. Make sure that you confirm with your instructor that you are doing the correct labs.
  • Enter the class code which is IT351F2015


username : [email protected]

password : 885656Monty770d


deadline : 3 hours 



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