####law tutors please##### criminal process questions

Need questions answered using general knowledge. They are discussion questions. No more than 60-80 words per question


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####law tutors please##### criminal process questions
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1What constitutes a lawful arrest? What legal issues surround the arrest process? 


  2   What is the purpose of a grand jury? How does indictment by a grand jury differ from being charged by a prosecutor? 


3What is bail? How does bail affect the courtroom process in the criminal justice system? What suggestions do you have to solve the problems of the bail system? 


  4What is discovery? To what extent is discovery helpful or a hindrance? Provide examples. 


  5   What is due process? How does due process apply to the criminal justice system? What would happen if due process was not part of the criminal justice system? 



 6What is plea bargaining? How did plea bargaining develop? How is it used in courts today? Do you agree or disagree with plea bargaining? 


 7What is strict liability? Why are some crimes punished solely on the basis of strict liability? Are strict liability offenses as worthy of blame as other offenses that require mens rea? Why or why not? 



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