Leadership 3 page (double spaced) need within 12hrs only please

1. One of the leaders in Authentic Leadership is Bill George.  Go to https://youtu.be/kubBp9A3BDE and watch the short video.  Summarize the key points Bill George makes in relationship to Authentic Leaders.  (1 page minimum)

2. Refer to Figure 9.1 Authentic Leadership Characteristics in Chapter 9 of your textbook.  Explain and discuss each of the components in Figure 9.1.  Include in your discussion why each is important to good leadership. (2 pages minimum)

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Leadership 3 page (double spaced) need within 12hrs only please
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3. Complete the Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire Found in the back of Chapter 9. You are to discuss and analyze your results including your scores. (1 page minimum)


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