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For this assignment I have loaded a number of articles and video links onto Canvas that profile different business leaders in a wide variety of industries. At the time of the syllabus being finalized there were nearly thirty options on there — and I will add more during the term if I find great articles. So, there are plenty to choose from!

You will pick three (3) of the business leaders of your choice, read the article or watch the video on each, and then write a comparative leadership analysis of the three. Your paper should be done in no more than two (2) single spaced pages and should answer the following questions:

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Leadership essay | Education homework help
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Individual Assessment: How would each of these leaders describe the most important elements of their job? How does each leader reflect the issues of the company and the industry? How has this been shaped by his/her experiences? How do each of these individual leaders inspire others in the company to share the same vision and commitment?
Link to Class: What type of leader would you label each person using the theories from the text and the narrated lecture (particularly the ones in Table 14.2)? What evidence from the articles or videos support your conclusion?
Comparison: How do the leaders share/differ on the leadership theories and lessons we have been discussing? What similarities do you see? What differences?


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