Leadership evaluation | English homework help

These are two discussion questions. Please respond to each question separately with at least 135 words and with using the Week 4 Lecture notes. For each question you must provide two references.

Question 1

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Leadership evaluation | English homework help
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The research and practice of leadership focuses on the leader while the role of the follower is often neglected.
a.    Using the overview provided in this week’s lecture and readings, how do follower perceptions affect a leader’s style?
b.    How might you best assess follower perceptions of your leadership style?
c.    What can/should a leader do when the perceptions of the followers are not aligned with the leader’s self-perceptions?
d.    Why do you believe this assessment method to be the best option?

Question 2

Those leaders who have the greatest impact are those who can influence a group or team.  Briefly discuss the difference between a group and a team, and the strategies a leader should consider to influence a group or team.


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