Leisure time mini-speech—–250 words | English homework help

The Leisure Time and Visual Aid Mini-Speech will give you practice using visual aids while delivering a speech and practice in organizing, preparing and delivering a speech. Read the assignment description and instructions here and then click on the link below to submit your video. Remember to refresh your memory before recording your speech on the Guidelines for Recording and Submitting Speeches_1_.docx 


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Leisure time mini-speech—–250 words | English homework help
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The “Leisure Time & Visual Aid” assignment is a short 1 to 2 minute mini-speech in which you tell the audience (your classmates and instructor) about your leisure time activities. Plan to use a few (2 to 3) small or portable visual aids in a large brown paper bag to help explain how you spend your spare time (i.e. snickers bar for eating chocolate, a game piece for chess, a picture of your best friend, a movie poster, etc.). Plan to develop your speech using the following outline:


Introduction:         Identify when and how much leisure time you find in a given day or week. Tell how you find the spare time and the number of objects you will use to explain your leisure time activities. 

Body:                     One at a time, pull the objects from the bag. Holding or displaying each one the entire time you are talking about it, describe how it explains what you like to do with your leisure time. 

Conclusion:            Explain what your choices for spare time activities reveal about your personality and/or your life. 



  1. Choose visual aids that fit the assignment and are portable in the brown bag. Prepare your presentation by jotting down notes that fit each part of the speech outline above. Next, read over your notes and determine what will fit in the 1 to 2 minute time limit. On an index card (5” x 8”), write down key words to jog your memory while delivering your speech (you will NOT need a formal preparation outline for this speech, only a note card). 
  2. Practice your speech several times (before recording it) with your note cards and your visual aids so that you know it fits the time requirements. 
  3. When you give your speech, you must be standing up and camera shot should be of you from the waist up. Be sure that there is no background noise or distractions while you are recording your speech. Try to make a special effort to speak loud enough so we can hear you easily and to display your visual aids so all can see. In addition, try to speak conversationally and look at your audience (the camera), NOT your visual aid. SMILE. Glance only occasionally at your notes. 
  4. delivering the Leisure Time & Visual Aid Mini-Speech, using visual aids effectively, fulfilling the time requirement, and covering the three parts in the outline.


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