Linux project | Information Systems homework help

I have a ITIS 2020 (OPERATING SYSTEMS) project i need someone who is very familiar with linux. The details are below


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Linux project | Information Systems homework help
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Run 2 different Linux distributions using these 2 methods: 

   1. Live Linux CD/DVD (distros available at):

    How to burn a Live Linux CD/DVD

 How to Boot from a Live Linux CD/DVD

 Other live Linux CD/DVD ISO’s available at


    2. Linux in a virtual machine:

     How to install Linux in VirtualBox 

     Other Linux in Virtual Machine options available at:

Insert 2 screenshots in LinuxProject.doc showing each method of Linux distributions running on your computer with a different Linux system utility running in each screenshot. (20 points)


Write a 1 page description of lessons learned and troubleshooting in running 2 different Linux distributions in LinuxProject.doc (12 point font, 1″ margins, double spaced (10 points)


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