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Up to date, we still remember bin Laden because of his attack on America. This attack changed America and the whole world in general. The attacks had immediate and long term economic impacts, some of which continues up to date. People who were exposed to this trauma continue to suffer from related physical and mental health conditions. This is primarily because 9/11 events brought a new era of media coverage of collective traumas transmitting violence into the daily lives of people. Since then, there has been increased physical and mental health, like increased risk of heart diseases after these attacks.

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List article | Reading homework help
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Similarly, these attacks ushered in new policies such as the “Patriot Act” that puts more priority on national security and defense at the cost of civil liberties. The American troops continue into the longest-running war in the U.S history in the Middle East, which has seen the defense budget sky-rocketing at the expense of the tax payer’s money.

A story is newsworthy because of its impact. The events that have more effects on the audience, and those that have actual consequences for the readers’ lives, are exciting. For instance, this story is newsworthy because the 9/11 terrorist attacks have continued affecting people in different capacities up to date. With this impact being more prominent, it makes this story a big one. Also, conflicts are newsworthy since human beings are naturally interested in conflicts.


  • You’ll write a list-style article to break down, distill or add context to a newsworthy topic.
  • As with every assignment, the topic you focus on here should be timely and include the following:
    • 500-800 words
    • A clear angle
    • An intro/setup before you proceed with the list 
    • Distinct structure (Intro, subheds, etc. for the list items)
    • AP style 
    • 2-3 clearly attributed sources (could be any combo of interviews, legitimate internet/database resources, official documents, studies, etc.)
  • Your work will be evaluated on the above criteria as well as overall voice, tone, style

Example of list article:


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