Literature intergration | Education homework help


EDUC 301

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Literature intergration | Education homework help
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Instructional Practices for Math Teachers

  • Select a piece of children’s literature. After reading it, you will need to  complete/address the following:
  • Determine what math concept can be taught using the book.
  • After selecting an SOL (Standard of Learning) that matches the concept,  describe in detail how you would integrate the content of the book to teach the math concept.
  • What activities would you include? Describe them.

The Literature Integration must be 2 pages doubled-spaced. At the top of the paper, include the SOL, the title of the book and the author written in current APA format, and if possible, a picture of the front cover of the book.

COMPLETE BY 8 AM Eastern time September 11, 2017

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