literature review chapter | Education homework help


My research topic is:

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literature review chapter | Education homework help
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E-mail as Method of Communication with Parents for Children with Autism in Saudi Arabia


My assignment to create the Literature Review chapter

I attached four files 

1- Has instruction to follow, this under name “. Second file has my Literature Review guideline”

2- I attached research for ” Essa Adhabi ” I need you open page 20 and this will help you to write about Autism in Saudi Arabia 

3- Has research that I liked I need you to use it as a guide for you to write my Literature Review chapter (because I am planning to use the same survey that he use it in this research) so open page 12

4- Word file about information I liked I need you to add it in my Literature Review chapter under title ” The Role of Parental Involvement”


Page:  50 – 60 pages. Note: ( reference pages not count)

APA Style  

Please see attachments 


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