Literature review & references/ variant after action review

While assuming the role of a mitigation consultant you will research and demonstrate proper APA citation practices to produce two (2) literature reviews and references for each of the five (5) incidents:   (total of 10 literature reviews with their references(10))

·         2001 World Trade Center September 11, 2001 attack (New York, NY)

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Literature review & references/ variant after action review
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·         2005 Hurricane Katrina (New Orleans, LA)

·         2011 Water infrastructure crisis (Flint, Michigan)

·         2014 Data Breach of your option (United States)

·         2016 Dallas Police Sniper Shooting (Dallas, TX)

In developing your Literature reviews and references it is suggested that they originate from peer reviewed articles.  However, you are welcome to utilize sources that are not peer reviewed so long as they are professional in nature.  You should also research “After Action Reports” so that you will have a better understanding of the construction of your paper.  


Total of 9 pages

APA format

Use simple English ( I need to give presentation on the same in the class, so please make it understandable with good work)




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