Ltec 2100 assignment 4 | Information Systems homework help


1.) Does innovation tend to reduce social inequality or deepen it? Explain your answer.

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Ltec 2100 assignment 4 | Information Systems homework help
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2.) How is the Internet of Things changing the way we live? List and discuss three popular technologies/applications already in use and their impact on our personal and social interactions.

3.) Citizen journalism powered by digital technology is superior to traditional journalism. Do you agree or disagree? Back up your position with specific examples.

4.) Do people create new and different projections of themselves online, or do their online personas mirror their face-to-face identities? Explain your answer.

5.) Do you think that relationships formed online can be superior to those formed offline in terms of closeness? Is there a point at which an online relationship would have to migrate offline, for you? Explain.

6.) Do you know anyone who has met a romantic partner on a dating site? Explain how the  “migration” of the relationship from online to offline proceeded.  What were the issues that had to be overcome?

7.) Wearable devices like i-watches are now fitted with heart rate trackers, gyroscopes and accelerometers to help keep the user healthy and physically fit. Do you think more technologies will create a healthy and physically fit society in the future and reduce the high level of obesity in American Society?

8.) Explain your performance on the Count the Vowels activity (pages 14-18) in Teach Yourself How to Learn (McGuire and McGuire). What did you learn, and was your metacognitive skill impacted?


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