M5a1 essay | English homework help

The midterm exam is composed of 4 essay questions corresponding to each of the first four modules of the course. You are to Choose Any Two of the Four.

Complete this exam by answering TWO of the following questions:

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M5a1 essay | English homework help
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  • Explain the origin of emergency management and the historical factors that helped lay the foundation for the profession of emergency management. Compare and contrast aspects of emergency management relating to Hurricane Agnes of 1972 and Superstorm Sandy of 2012.
  • How does modernization make us more vulnerable not only for common types of disasters, but also new and emerging hazards? What are some examples? Is there anything we can do to prepare for, or mitigate, new and emerging hazards? Explain.
  • Think about recent international disasters like the 2013 Philippines’ typhoon or the 2017 hurricane Maria. What can be done to increase preparedness at the international level? How can we reduce the devastating impacts of such disasters?
  • How should the response phase be defined, and what are some of the likely activities you would undertake as an emergency manager during that time period?

Keep the following in mind when completing this exam:

  • The response to each question must be at least 250 words (one page).
  • The exam should be completed in APA format, 1″ margins all the way around, double-spaced, with proper citations and references, with a title page.
  • The essay questions should be clearly identified in the submission, along with the answers.
    •  Each essay is equally weighted.
  • You must clearly demonstrate critical thinking in your essay answers as well as grammatically correct writing.


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