Major case study on facebook, inc. (fb)

Major case study on the publicly traded company Facebook, Inc. (FB)


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Major case study on facebook, inc. (fb)
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Examine each of those areas of the case for evidence to use during your analysis and consider the following questions for each area:

•      Accounting – what are the economics of the alternatives?  Think of impacts on revenues, costs, and profitability.

•      Administrative Studies – assign a probability to each alternative you suggest and calculate an expected value for each alternative.  Which alternative has the highest expected value?

•      Economics – what is the state of the various global economies where you suggest alternatives (or the state of the US economy)?  What is the potential impact of the economy(ies) on the alternatives?

•      Finance – What impact will your suggestion have on the evaluation of the stock and the financial reporting of the company?  Can you calculate any discounted cash flows or revenues?

•      Legal – what are some of the legal and environmental concerns surrounding the options?  Are there any regulatory issues?

•      Management – what is the impact of your suggestion on the structure and staffing of the company?

•      Marketing –What would be your target markets?  Develop a basic marketing strategy for the markets.

•      MIS – are there any systems that your company can use to help it manage the new effort(s) and better integrate?


As you craft your arguments, think of the functional areas for evidence to support your claims/arguments, ask yourself the following questions:

–     What claims am I making?  This could take the form of the central theme of the case – think about the issue or issues faced by the company and whether or not they take the form of claims.

–     What evidence do I need to present to justify those claims? 

–     Was it adequate to establish a causal link? 

–     Did the evidence presented come from credible and reliable sources? 

–     Was the source of the evidence an authority on the topic? 

–     Was the evidence presented clearly expressed? 

–     Did they provide enough evidence to adequately establish causality? 




The Case Analysis should include the following:


•         Introduction

•         Problem Identification / Problem Statement

•         Analysis using tools from the class:SWOT Matrix

o   Internal Analysis:

  Identification and discussion of key resources / capabilities

  Competitive strength assessment

  Financial ratio / cash flow analysis

  Strength / weakness assessment

  Mission / Vision / Core Values analysis / discussion

o   External Analysis:

  Environmental analysis –Porter’s Five Forces

  Discussion of Opportunities / Threats

  Strategic group map

  Key Success Factor Discussion

  Market Segmentation discussion

o   Discussion of strategies:

  What strategies are being pursued by the company – specifically name the strategies deployed

•         Porter’s five generic strategies

•         Cooperative strategies (e.g. alliance, joint venture, partnership, outsourcing, licensing)

•         Intensive strategies: Market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development

•         Integration Strategies: Vertical / Horizontal, Forward/Backward

•         Diversification Strategies: Related/Unrelated

•         Defensive Strategies: Retrenchment/Divestiture/Liquidation

•         Use of Mergers/Acquisitions

•         Global Strategies: transnational, multi-domestic, global

•         Presentation of strategic options – What strategic options are there for the company

•         Evaluate the strategic options

•         Make recommendations / create an action plan for the company




As students complete the required Major Case Analysis, they are also responsible for completing a PowerPoint highlighting their findings. The recommended length of the presentation is 8 slides with speaker notes included. The presentation must be appropriate to college-level work, demonstrate critical analysis of the case, and be free of spelling and grammar errors.


The presentation should outline the Major Case Analysis and contain the major topics that discuss the Major Case Analysis. It should also contain the critical-thinking topics contained in this course: making claims, use of evidence, recognizing and validating assumptions, causal claims, and being persuasive. Students are free to choose any company for the case however they are strongly encouraged to choose a publicly held company that is listed on a major stock exchange in the U.S. so adequate information may be obtained for the case analysis.


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