Make a data access table with information below

Human Resource Databases Database Scenario: The Environmental Expert is a locally owned business that provides training to small businesses regarding environmental regulations that may affect them It has a staff of 8 people. Up until this point, it has been using paper-based records to keep track of customers who come in to sell used music; realizing this system is very outdated and problematic, the store has called you and asked you to create a simple Microsoft Excel workbook so it can keep track of both customers selling music and its employees. Individual Assignment Details (100 points): Each individual should create an create an Excel workbook that includes 2 different tables: an employee table and a customer table. Each table must appear on a different tab in the Excel workbook. Field titles for the employee table should be as follows: Employee ID number,First name,Last name,Address,Date of hire,Date of birth,Social security number,Hourly wage Field. Titles for the customer table should be the following: Customer ID number,First name,Last name,Address,Phone number,Number of items sold to store. For the employee table, enter 8 hypothetical employees into the tableFor the customer table, enter 10 hypothetical customers into the table. Appropriately title each.

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Make a data access table with information below
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