Making learning meaningful | English homework help


Making Learning Meaningful

Think about your own learning experience in grade school.  What teacher had the most influence on you and why?  Were rewards important to you?  Why or why not?

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Making learning meaningful | English homework help
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Little help below:


·         8th grade teacher MS outland principle Mrs hana they were hard on me 24/7. i never understand why until ms outland made a speech about me for our 8th grade graduation. Mrs. Hana gave me award for most achievement. Now I understand why the was so hard on me, they wanted more for me. They knew if the push me to do better, I will do better.  They saw more in me then my own mother. I live a hard life, I wanted to give up on school. I had one support system which is my granny. At first rewards wasn’t important to me, because my mother didn’t care. Now I understand and reward is important to me.



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