Management – public affairs assignment s

 1- Key Ideas


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Management – public affairs assignment s
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In each unit with assigned readings, class members post discussion of “key ideas,” one for each assigned reading. The key ideas assignment is intended to encourage reflective reading and informed discussion.


A key idea addresses what the student finds to be an important or useful concept. Each key idea entry describes the key idea, then may assess its importance, strengths and/or weaknesses, practical application, or points of interest or confusion. It can be useful to illustrate key ideas by briefly linking them to news events, societal conditions, or personal experience.


Key ideas are about specific concepts from a portion of a reading, though sometimes they are central to an entire reading. Key ideas entries do not summarize entire assigned readings or the posted course notes for the unit. Key ideas should be chosen from different readings, or from different chapters within a reading. Students should avoid repeating ideas from unit materials posted by the professor.

Key ideas for the unit are typed or pasted directly into a discussion thread, as one assignment, no later than 11 p.m. Central on Wedesday . Each key idea should be discussed in approximately 150-200 words of narrative (not including quotation or lists), separated into paragraphs where appropriate.



2- Websites Discussion

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Each unit, class members search for websites that focus on a single assigned topic. One or two topic choices are given for each unit’s discussion; where there are two topics, students select one. They will then find three to five websites that add something interesting to the course texts and any key ideas discussion on this topic.


To the extent possible, sites chosen should not duplicate those used by other class members. Websites can include a range of media including videos in addition to text. However, given the course content it is best to emphasize text-based material.


Websites chosen should offer thorough exploration of a topic, rather than a short description or definition. Wikipedia should not be used instead of a required site, though depending on the topic it may provide useful background information.


Posting and Format


A websites discussion of 200-300 words is posted (not attached) as a single message into a discussion thread, no later than 11 p.m. Central on Wedesday. It describes connections of the chosen sites to course concepts and explains why the student finds them interesting and/or important.





Peters, B. Guy. 2010. The Politics of Bureaucracy: An Introduction to Comparative Public Administration. 6th ed. London: Routledge.



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