Matlab and calculus assignments (please the assignments first)


These assignments require Matlab and Math skills.

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Matlab and calculus assignments (please the assignments first)
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Please READ the assignments first before asking me to do it or telling me you can do it.

There are 3 exercises that are connected. In order to do Exercise 2 you need to complete Exercise 1, in order to do Exercise 3 you need complete the first 2 exercises


I have completed Exercise 1 and I have attach as Zip Code for Exercise 1 but it is not very well done so my teacher instructed me (to Compute the AtA-matrix; and Choleski factors; and show how the densities may be least squares estimated).

I want you to have a look of the Exercise 1 and make it better or just redo it completely so that you can do the rest of the Exercises.

I have also attached some lectures notes file 5642Lecture_2_4 and textbook as Geomathbook in case you may need them.



For the deadlines it will nice if I can get them by Tuesday 21st and before and you can submit it partially.


Contact to me asap if you have any questions or suggestions of the Price to do the assignment.


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