Medibracelets | Information Systems homework help

Mary Smith, a former student at the local college, has been expanding her online business, Mary’s MediBracelets, in the local college’s incubator.


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Medibracelets | Information Systems homework help
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Mary has determined that her product, a specialized medical ID bracelet, is nearly ready to be sold and she needs someone to set up her initial website and business systems. Mary wants to include a charitable component to her business and is considering using a sales model in which her business will provide one free bracelet to a low-income senior citizen for every bracelet purchased.


Mary has hired your small business, IT Business Services Consultants, to develop her website and business systems.


Write a 2- to 3-page report for the client including the following:


  • A description of the relationship between business processes and information systems
  • A flowchart for handling an online order
  • Areas for Information Systems (IS) use and security concerns
  • A list of areas of concern for ethical handling of customers’ private information



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