Meeting minutes | Business & Finance homework help

 Each virtual intern will be assigned to serve as “Team Lead” to one meeting during the semester. At the very next meeting, the virtual intern who was Team Lead, must take Meeting Minutes.

  1. Take Meeting Minutes during the NEXT meeting
  2. Save your Meeting Minutes document. The name of each Meeting Minutes document should be “Internship Date of Meeting [like this, mm/dd/yy] Minutes” without the quotation marks and using the date of the meeting 
  3. Share the Meeting Minutes, for all team members to review, no later than 5 days after the meeting
  4. Post the final copy of the Meeting Minutes and
    • Within the MS Team’s site name Internship
    • Go to the Meeting Minutes area
    • Click Files at the top
    • Upload your Meeting Minutes
  5. Notify all team members that the Meeting Minutes are posted

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Meeting minutes | Business & Finance homework help
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