mgmt 520 (legal,political & ethical)complete course without exam

MGMT 520


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mgmt 520 (legal,political & ethical)complete course without exam
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Week 1


Week 1 DQ 1 Thread


National and international ethics – Patent rights


Week 1 DQ 2 Thread


As the pendulum swings. Ethics and the Law.



Week 2


Week 2 DQ 1 Thread


Please study the problem found in e-book Chapter 5, problem 7, and answer the following questions: On appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court,

1. Can the statute survive a constitutional challenge?

2. Is there a “rational basis” for the statute?

3. What effect does the evidence to the contrary have on the statute’s constitutionality?

Week DQ 2 Thread


Too Much Regulation – or not enough?

Week 2 Assignment:  (1400+ Words)



1.    State the administrative agency which controls the regulation. Explain why this agency and your proposed regulation interest you (briefly). Will this proposed regulation affect you or the business in which you are working? If so, how?


Week 3


Week 3 DQ 1 Thread


Legal Claims and Defenses Breach of Warranty


Week 3 DQ 2 Thread


Environmental Liability and Due Process


Week 3 Assignment:  (2800+ Words)


Week 3: Negligence, Product Liability, Warranties, and Really Hot Coffee



Week 4


Week 4 DQ 1 Thread


Killer Performance Requirements


Week 4 DQ 2 Thread


Larry Podder or Harry Potter


Week 4 Assignment:                        Contracts and IP Issues (2800+ Words)



Week 5


Week 5 DQ 1 Thread


Mr. Mapp against Gimbels Department Store Case


Week 5 DQ 2 Thread


The Lemon Tree Dilemma



MID Term Exam Questions & Answers :   12 Questions & Answers



Week 6


Week 6 DQ 1 Thread


Price Fixing and Antitrust


Week 6 DQ 2 Thread


Consumer protections


Week 6 Assignments:

                                                MGMT 520 Week 6 Memo pollard Submitted

Pollard questions answers submitted                       


Week 7


Week 7 DQ 1 Thread


Global Ethics and Challenges


Week 7 DQ 2 Thread


Enron and Others


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