Mgt 360 (green and sustainable enterprise management) week 3 complete

MGT 360 (Green & Sustainable Enterprise Management)


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Mgt 360 (green and sustainable enterprise management) week 3 complete
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MGT 360 Week 3


MGT 360 Week 3 DQ 1


Depending on the nature and industry of a business, different sustainability strategies will have more applicability for a specific context. Even business in the same industry may benefit from different strategies depending on the culture and practices of the company. For this exercise, consider the following waste management technologies:

  • Waste reduction                                Reuse of material                              On-site recycling
  • Off-site recycling                               On-site treatment or incineration     Off-site treatment or incineration                                        Land disposal

Choose one or two strategies that you believe would be most appropriate for your business. Describe why you think your selected practices are most appropriate and discuss how they should be implemented. Also, describe how they might affect your current business practices if implemented.


MGT 360 Week 3 DQ 2


You are asked by a company to develop a plan for improving the company’s current sustainable business practices. The company has a manufacturing division, a sales division, and an administrative/finance division. Provide a brief explanation of how you might go about the task of developing a plan.

Below I provide some questions to get you started. You do not have to address all the questions below, they are only provided to get you started. I am not asking what specific strategies you would use, but how would you go about developing the plan.

  • How will you assess the company’s current position?
  • Will you create teams from different divisions?
  • Will you include employees from all levels of the organization?
  • Will you offer improvements for the company in general or you would provide improvements by department or both?
  • Will you use focus groups or brainstorming sessions or a suggestion box?
  • How will you motivate participation?

Week 3 Assignments:


MGT 360 Week 3 Individual Assignment Sustainability Profile of Leader. 1050+ Words


MGT 360 Week 3 LT Assignment Current Business Practices Audit. (7100+ Words)


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