Mgt 445 week 3 complete (organizational negotiations) a+ graded

MGT 445 (Organizational Negotiations)


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Mgt 445 week 3 complete (organizational negotiations) a+ graded
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Week 3

MGT 445 Week 3 DQ 1


Who are stakeholders in a negotiation? Why it is important to analyze stakeholder interests? How do you take these interests and incorporate them into a negotiating strategy?


MGT 445 Week 3 DQ 2


What are the five types of power? Consider a negotiation with which you are familiar. What parties were identified? Who had power or influence? Explain why. Based on your experience with a negotiation, how does having one or more of the five types of power affect the dynamics of the negotiation?


MGT 445 Week 3 DQ 3


What is the role of ethics in negotiation? How does organizational culture affect ethics in a negotiation? If you are to write a code of conduct, what ethical and cultural considerations would you include and why?


Week 3 Assignment:


Individual – Negotiation Strategy 800+ Words


Team – Power Play for Howard Part-B 950+ Words


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