Mgt434 wk4-2 | Human Resource Management homework help

Resource: Department of Labor website

The Human Resources Department has been tasked by the CEO to develop a training workshop on affirmative action for upper management. Your department must analyze the obligations arising out of E.O. 11246.yes

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Mgt434 wk4-2 | Human Resource Management homework help
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Create a 2 to 3 slide visual presentation, do not including the title page, and Q&A page. Please include references page. Use speaker notes to clarify talking points.

Review applicable laws affecting affirmative action. 

Discuss the role a Human Resource manager plays in implementing affirmative action plans.

Contrast the characterizations of a quota system with those of goals and timetables, and explain which system affirmative action uses.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Use a minimum of 1 to 2 different sources within the presentation, in addition to the one legal case required above, and provide in-text citations. Identify all sources in the References slide.


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