Milestone 3 | Education homework help

 Review the initial budget that you created in Milestone Two and any feedback you received from the instructor on your budget. Using the line-item template, create a re-forecasted budget for the remainder of the year, reflecting the 10% institutional budget reduction based on research and the assumptive facts that are provided in the Milestone Three Rubric document. Be sure to state what compliance and regulatory requirements, if any, were considered. See instructions on line item template for how to annotate entries. 


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Milestone 3 | Education homework help
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 BUDGET: You have done a nice job creating a budget with appropriate categories that are well thought through for the service areas. You should think through when spending will occur – aside from salaries, not all spending would be distributed equally over the 12 months: it would be based on when the need takes place and when payment is made. Think that through for each of your categories. 

 ANNOTATIONS: You have solid detail on how you came up with your financial numbers for your categories. Incorporation of references and citations were well done – nice job with minimum wage information, etc. 


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