Mini-paper 1: project proposal | Literature homework help

In addition to the project itself, you’ll first be tasked with creating a proposal for the topic you intend to research and write on. This will discuss your intentions for both major assignments—what you intend to look into for the first paper as well as how you intend to adapt it for the second one. It is not necessary for you to get into specific sources already, as you’ve yet to conduct thorough research, though it might be beneficial for you to do some searching on your own to learn about your topic. In your proposal, you might discuss what you already know about your topic, what you don’t know, what interests you about it, why it’s important, or the larger importance of your topic. Think of this as your initial idea formation phase in order to more fully develop where you intend to take your research. This isn’t meant to cast your topic in stone—your ideas might change as you conduct research and learn new things. That’s completely normal. However, any wholesale changes in topic after submitting this will need to be run past me first to make sure you’re not going too far afield. from 300 to 500 words.

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Mini-paper 1: project proposal | Literature homework help
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