Mini-project assignment | Information Systems homework help

Short Report on Cloud Computing and the Applications


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Mini-project assignment | Information Systems homework help
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Purpose of the Assignment:

This assignment has a two-fold purpose:

1. To keep you update of the current development of information technologies for management.

2. To build up your skills in searching, summarizing and presenting information in an effective manner.


Requirements of the Assignment:

Identify two related articles published RECENTLY that describe/discuss the topic of Big Data and the Applications. One article should be ONLY published on the Internet, and the other article should be ORIGINALLY published off the Internet (but, it may also be available on the Internet).

Write a short report in APA (American Psychology Association) style on the information technology discussed in the articles, which accounts 10% of your final grade.

The report should be word-processed in Times New Roman 12 pt font, with no less than FIVE and no more than SIX double-spaced and numbered pages (with 1” margins on all sides), excluding figures, tables, or illustrations.It should include the following parts (no title page is needed):

▪ Your name and course information (No separate title page, please.).

▪ Title of your report.

▪ Abstract of your report.

▪ Discussion on the main points and issues in the two articles via comparison and contrast.

▪ Your reasons of choosing the two articles, and your comments on them.

▪ References (correct citations in APA for both articles, and other articles cited in the report).



• The articles should be technical articles written in layman language with few or no technical formulas and technical jargons.

• The articles should be as recent as possible.


Grades will be based on:

✓ The relevance and nature of the articles to the course (20%).

✓ The organization/structure of your report (30%).

✓ The content, quality, and clarity of your report (50%).


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