Mis 600 week 3 assignments

MIS 600 Information Systems Capstone Keller

Week 3

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Mis 600 week 3 assignments
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MIS 600 Week 3 Project Paper – Milestone Two

MIS 600 Week 3 Individual Discussion Milestone 2

Welcome to Week 3! Here are the activities this week:

1.      (10 points) Hold at least one iConnect meeting with your team and record it (this is part of your participation grade).

2.      (10 points) Ensure that you meet individual posting requirements in the graded discussion area (this is also part of your participation grade).

3.      (10 points) Fill out a Team Status Report by end of week and turn it in to the Dropbox. There is a status report template in the Dropbox. Be sure to show which team member is responsible for each of the course deliverables in the course and the due dates for each deliverable. Also, indicate when you plan to have your team meeting in Week 4.

4.      (50 points) Milestone Two—The project document you will prepare throughout the class should be prepared using APA guidelines. The paper should be double-spaced, using Arial or equivalent, 12-point font. One team member should submit the completed Milestone Project Paper to the Dropbox for the team each week. This week the Milestone Project Paper should contain all of the Milestone One items and the following Milestone Two items:

A.    Project Strategy Statement

B.     Project Methodology

C.     Business Requirements and Rules
1) Context-level data flow diagram (Visio)
2) Use case list (normal business activities/work flows)
3) Use case scenarios (description or narrative steps in each use case)

5.      (10 points) Peer Reviews—There is a Peer Review Template in Doc Sharing. Complete an individual review of each member of your team (including yourself) with comments (combine the evaluations in one Word file and place them in your individual Dropbox). These forms are confidential and should only be shared with your professor. Use them to let your professor know how to improve the course and/or the capstone experience. 

6.      (25 points) Initial baseline Microsoft Project Plan in Microsoft Project. If you do not already have Microsoft Project software, it is available for free in the Student Software Store. In this initial effort, create a Gantt chart that shows all of your project activities from project initiation to project closing, in chronological order.  Include duration, start date, finish date, and predecessors for each item.



The second stage will involve the definition of the requirement or documentation of the project specification. This will be drawn based on the survey results. Each identified problem will be evaluated and a possible solution will be defined where particular aspects that need to be fulfilled to enhance the…


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