Mis discussion 1 – 18 hours

 Week 1 Discussion

Chapter(s) 1-2.

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Mis discussion 1 – 18 hours
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Describe one or more information systems that you have used, the features of the system and what type of information technologies it used.

Explain how schools can ensure that students gain computer literacy and what components of a computer system are most important to a computer user? Looking ahead years into the future, what kind of computer input and output devices do you think will be widely used?

View the video provided and explain in no less than 250 words(Main Post) how these will affect a company/organization from a management perspective. You will also need to make an additional 50 word post as instructed below(Reponse). Note: Some videos may have commercials and/or advertisements preceding the actual video.

Video 1:

5G Technology review   Published on Jun 24, 2015 Duration: (3:15)  Gayatri Krishnan


Video 1:

 Microsoft’s Concept of How 2019 Will Look Like Duration: (5:46)  minipcpro – Added:10/27/11


  1. Read each discussion question until you understand what is to be researched for your post and follow the directions for each one.
  2. Please post your initial response with no less than 250 words early during the week (1st post) so that others will have time to review them for commenting.
  3. Do not use “copy and paste” from the source in your response, but rather use your own words in the posting. Observe Faulkner’s College policy concerning plagiarism as stated on page 27 of the Student handbook.
  4. After reviewing your peers posts, make one reply that consists of no less than 50 words (2nd post) . If you need to, review the instructions in the “Read Me First” module about how to post and reply.  “I agree” or “Great post” response does not constitute a complete submission.


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