Mis research paper | Information Systems homework help


Management Information Systems Topic: 

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Mis research paper | Information Systems homework help
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Information Security and Privacy – Protecting your Personal Information on the Internet



Some possible sources to use:










Information Systems is a diverse field that covers many different aspects of organizational computing.


This lesson will be self-­‐directed: you will research an area of Information Systems that is appealing to you and report on it.  Your goal is to develop a better understanding of an area of information systems.


Lesson Objectives






Once you have selected your topic, you need to research it.  You may use any of the following materials as references:

    Industry or Corporate websites

    Trade Publications/Websites (such as CIO.com or GIQ.com)

    Industry reports

    Scholarly journals


Your research strategy should be focused around answering the following questions/goals:

Provide a description of the subject area (what is it?)

What types of information systems are involved?

What are the latest trends related to the subject area?

What benefits are expected to be provided by IS?

What are some of the IS-­‐related challenges related to the subject area?







Once you have conducted your research, write a short, professional report summarizing your findings.  Synthesize the main points, which means to combine the individual points into a larger narrative.

Your report must be completed in APA 6th Edition format and should adhere to the following guidelines:


  Between 3 and 4 pages double-spaced, not including a title page and references.

  A title page with your title, name, and institution.

  Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.

  One (1″) inch margins on all sides of your paper.

  Include a minimum of 3 references in the bibliography.

  All references appropriately cited within the body of the paper using APA 6th Edition citation format.

  An abstract, which is a summary of the key points of your research.

  Use of headers to denote individual topic sections.



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