Mis short report 2 | Information Systems homework help


Purpose of the Assignment:

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Mis short report 2 | Information Systems homework help
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This assignment has a three-fold purpose: 

1. To help students better understand Customer Relationship Management and its strategies via a company’s website.

2. To find out how Customer Relationship Management can contribute to e-commerce.

3. To investigate how Social Media Strategies may be utilized by the companies to enhance customer relationships

Requirements of the Assignment:

Visit websites of Starbucks www.starbucks.com and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters www.greenmountaincoffee.com, as well as the Social Media sites (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) of these two companies, and identify the following:

  1. The major customer-related activities in both      websites and how they are supported by information technology.
  2. The effective e-commerce strategies used in both websites.
  3. The effective Social Media strategies used by both      companies to connect with customers.
  4. Discuss effective e-commerce / Social Media      strategies employed by some other companies that you are aware of which      you may recommend for Starbucks / Green Mountain Coffee to utilize for their      customers. 

Write a short report on the findings on the above items 1, 2, and 3 with appropriate comparison, contrast, and discussion. 

The report should be word-processed, no less than two and no more than three double-spaced pages (with 1” margins on all sides), excluding title page, figures, tables, illustrations, and references. It should include the following parts:

§ Your Name and Course Information

§ Title of your Report

§ Abstract of your Report

§ Main findings with comparison, contrast, and discussion

§ Your Comments

§ Conclusion

§ References (correct citations for all articles / sources of information utilized in the report).

This assignment accounts 10% of your final grade.

Grading Criteria:

Grades will be based on*:

ü The appropriate content of your report (30%).

ü The organization/structure of your report (the report should include all parts outlined in Requirements above) (30%).

ü The quality, clarity, and concise of your report (40%).


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