Mnt – dm diet challenge

Write a one-page summary including the following points:

1. What did you learn during this assignment?

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Mnt – dm diet challenge
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2. Were you able to meet all of the above requirements?

3. Did you change your normal dietary habits in order to meet the goals?

4. How do you think this assignment will affect how you treat patients in the future when doing diet counseling?

5. Be sure to include references that you use. References are to be listed in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics format.


– CHO: 45 – 65% total calories (emphasize whole grains, fruit and veggies)

– Fiber: 25 – 30 gram/day

– Protein: 15 – 25% of total calories

– Keep Total Fat intake to: 25 – 35% of total calories

– Keep Saturated fat to: < 7% total calories

– Trans-fat: Zero grams to < 3 grams

My Diet Provide: 

CHO: 37%

Fiber: 38g

Protein: 14%

Total fat: 37%

Saturated fat: 6%

Trans-fat: 0.1g


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