Module 05 written assignment – tables in spreadsheets

You have been hired by a movie studio to determine the success of last year’s movie projects. The success will be determined by how much money the studio’s movies made at the box office as compared to the budget that was spent to make the movies.

For this module’s assignment:

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Module 05 written assignment – tables in spreadsheets
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  • Conduct some independent online research on a major movie studio of your choice and on some of the movies it made in the last year.
    • Be sure to locate the budget (cost) of at least five key movies as well as the amount of money these movies earned. Hint: This information can be found by firing up your favorite Internet search engine.
  • In an Excel spreadsheet, create a table that shows:
    • The title of each movie
    • The director of each movie
    • The date each movie premiered
    • The genre of each movie (use your best guess if you’re not sure)
    • The budget cost of each movie
    • The amount of money each movie earned
  • Add a filter that allows each of the table’s data columns to be sorted.


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