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Module 3 | Law homework help
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The concept and practice of Mindfulness has been incorporated into many modern approaches to therapy, where it is thought that depression or anxiety often emerge from persistent thoughts about the past and the anticipation of negative events in the future. Often engagement in the normal pleasures of the present is lost due to rumination about the past or future.


In your own words, describe the concept of mindfulness and the qualities associated with the practice of mindfulness presented within that section. According to Langer (2002) what are some of the things people must do to become more mindful?  If time spent “in the moment” can enhance our well-being and decrease levels of anxiety and depression, discuss your thoughts on why people spend more time focused on past concerns or future worries than on their lives today.  Discuss ways that all of us might work to include some degree of mindfulness, present-focus, in our lives.


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